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Six months ago you were shaking your head and wondering, "When is this all going to end?" Now all the hard work is done. You have hammered on this and hammered on that. The sanding seemed like a never ending process and you can't believe you spent $50 just in filler alone. Four times you went back to that left front quarter panel to tweak it, "One last time."

Light at the end of the tunnel. You can't go any further. Now it's time to apply that coat of color that will set your vehicle apart from all the others. Your buddy recommended a local painter so you trot down to his place. You can almost see the dollar signs light up in his eyeballs when you walk through his doors. It's your lucky day he tells you. He has a special going. $2500 will get your favorite version of blue sprayed on that fancy rig of yours.

$2500 can cause you to pause for a moment, can't it? Makes you wonder if it just might be possible to do a paint job in a garage. Guess what? You can.

This is Howard's third video release and it is geared towards the same type of individual who enjoyed his first two videos. If you have the tools, and you have the time, you can develop the skills to finish your masterpiece. Best of all, you don't need any special, climate-controlled booth to do it. You can spray that paint in your garage.

Painting isn't rocket science but it can lead to some pondering questions. Questions like, what is hexamethylene diisocyanate and how is it related to my paint job? Howard comes to the rescue again by providing free tech support at his forum. All your painting questions can be answered there.

spray painting finished job
Start like this —

and finish like this!

shaving drip
Ask yourself, do you really need to give a barber $100, to get your ride a shave? Not really, after learning how to use a 25-cent item to deal with that run.

After shaving your pride and joy, you will need to learn how to bring the shine back. Nothing like a buffing to take care of that problem.

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