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Volume II - Step it up a notch! Click for sample video

So you've spent several hours with Howard's first video. You know how to prep a panel, hammer out dents and apply filler. You're ready to step it up a notch. You're ready to learn how to apply a patch panel to a rusted-out wheelwell, how to blocksand, and how to apply a good coat of primer so it doesn't run down in curtains. Well, seek no more. Howard's 2nd video is ready to help you out.

This 2nd video is about 2 hours long and packed full of useful information. Words can't do it justice. Grab a can of your favorite beverage, sit down, and learn some of the techniques the professionals use.

If you are thinking about buying another video, ask your vendor about support and technical questions. Will he be able to provide you with the correct answer, in a timely manner? With a quick email to us, we would be able to tell you that drilling through a body panel to remove a dent, can lead to future rust-out problems. All of this support comes free with the purcase of this video.

It is a do-it-yourself autobody repair video tutorial. The video you can order here was shot outside with very good close ups. These are spontaneous, no-fluff, straight-forward how-to videos that cover all the basics. Women and men watching Howard's easy-to-learn videos will learn everything they need to do great work.

You'll also learn the tips and the tricks that will save you money. Howard tells all the details including what to buy, how much each item sells for. Please browse around Howard's site and be sure to check out the Projects that Howard has worked on. By the way, clicking on the still shots will give you a larger picture.

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Video Extras

grinder cut welding Panel patching. All the mysteries revealed. Cut-off tools, the Uni-Spotter, and use of special filler. Fear rust no more...

sanding You look down the length of a car, at a car show. It looks as straight as a road in North Dakota. You walk out to your rig and you notice waves in the metal you could surf on. You wonder, "How can my rig have a showcar finish?" Well, wonder no more. Blocksanding is the trick and Howard shows you how to do it.

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