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   I bought this VW from my next door neighbor. They had bought it brand new in 1964 and really loved the little bug. But they were in their 70's, slowing down a bit.


   And it upset them to think of who would take care of there little bug. They also knew that I built cars and really took good care of what I had. They came over and started working on me. I told them that I didn't need another project, but they couldn't hear me.


   After a short time I gave in. Bought the 64 for $1200.00. Paid too much for it. It gave them the extra money I knew they needed. I figured, life is about helping others and not always making the big score.


   Anyhow, I had the fenders dipped and machine sanded the rest. I also used a 2k-primer. Then blocking and sanding and sanding and blocking. At different times I'd have those neighbors over to see their little bug. They had a lot of fun seeing new life coming to the '64. They liked that best of all.


   After I painted, color sanded and buffed the car out until I had it looking great, I went over and picked them up and took them to lunch. I paid.

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