'55 Sedan Delivery
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   My Grandfather bought this '55 Sedan Delivery new right off the showroom floor in 1955. He didn't like all that red, so the dealership, not wanting to lose a sale, offered to paint the top white. My Grandfather said, "It's a deal!," and $1,605.32 later the deal was done.


   His work was painting houses and hanging wallpaper. So he put his name and phone number on the side and off he went. My Grandfather made good money and good friends. I was the only one in the family that really liked the sedan delivery, so when my Grandfather passed away the family let me have the '55. They gave it to me for $1605.32, which was fine.


   I put my full set of drums in the back and headed out for the big world of Rock & Roll. Playing in different bands up and down the West Coast was a blast. Much later in life, after I had learned auto body repair, I went to work on the sedan delivery and put it back in great shape. We're still out running around together.

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