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   I used to do a LOT of body work and paint on street cars and trucks. Too many, in fact. So I decided to slow down and work on high dollar cars for awhile. It gave me more free time to work on my own stuff and not get so burned out.


   The owner of this Porsche got a hold of me and then we started talking about the work he wanted done and the money to do it. I wasn't known around the area very well. But when you limit yourself to one or two cars a year, what else can you expect?


   In the end, I did the whole repair for $5500.00 and it took me about seven months of evenings and weekends to complete. It turned out very well. The owner was super happy and so was I. The cost of all the products and paint was around a $1000.00.


   That was 20 years ago. But do you get the picture? There's good money to be made if you take the time to properly learn each step of the repair process. Don't skip even the littlest detail.


   My video will take you slowly and carefully through each step. I give a full explanation of the little details that make all the difference. The complete learning process for the beginner. My next videos will be harder. You can do it and it will pay off.

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