'68 Camaro
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   I bought this 68 Camaro for $250.00 dollars. The whole side was gone. But I wanted it. After I bought it I went looking for Camaro sheet metal but couldn’t find any… What to do?


   Well, I located a 68 Firebird and decided that would have to do. The Firebird's driver side was in good shape, so I bought the fender and rear quarter. I cut off the Camaro’s rear quarter section and welded in the Firebird’s. It was a good fit. The only difference was the running lights on the fender and the rear - simple to cut out the Firebird’s and replace with the Camaro’s.


   After I had spent a couple months doing all the auto body repair I picked the wild AMC color you see in the pics. It turned a lot of heads.


   If you want to know why I bought this mess in the first place - I had a set of coke bottle mags and tires that wouldn't fit on anything I owned. I had paid a hundred dollars for the set and really liked them. So I wanted something they would fit well with. Then I saw the Camaro - get it? It all worked out.


   I drove the car for two years and then I sold it for $3500.00 when I found a 55 Nomad I wanted a little more. That was 30 years ago.


   Yes, yes, you can learn this! And… you can make money at it, too! Shoot for the stars. You’ll make it!! I'll help you learn!!

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