Howard at his best!
Who is Howard?

   Howard's a free spirit, taking on any task that life throws at me. I won't back down or back away from anyone or anything that I want done. If there's a need, I fill it.
   I've traveled in rock bands half-way around the world and I'm still doing music. East Avenue studios, in partnership with Patrick Stump and myself, produced the music on the videos. The band's name is Stump. We have a 24 channel studio mixer on which our music is recorded. Most of our sounds will be coming out later.

Howard's Training

   I've spent 25 years doing autobody and paint work. I learned by working in shops. Cleaning floors, masking, taping is what I learned first - didn't like that part. Then I went on to learn how to mix filler and block sand. From there I learned how to prime.
   I like priming which is just like painting without the runs. Did that for 3 years, then I took a good look around, let the dust settle, and realized I was making the owner a lot of money while I was just getting by. And that didn’t sit well!

   So I saved my money, bought my own equipment and a few muscle cars (like the 68 Camaro) and turned them into sweet cars for very little money – and made a lot of money when I sold them.
   And you can too!
   Start with my first video – I guarantee it’s a motivator. Later videos will lay out more aggressive work. You have to learn how to crawl before you can learn how to walk. It’s hard to correct bad habits – so we’re not going to have any!

Past Projects
Sedan Delivery
68 Camaro
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