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These are unsolicited comments from some of our customers. As you can see, Howard doesn't just make videos; he helps people and makes friends!

Aloha, Howard

I received your first video and found it very much down to earth, even I could understand it. Thats why I am ordering your second video.I am currently working on a 65 mustang and feel more confident that I can get it done with your help.


Fred Tokujo


First I have to say no one is paying me anything to say this!

I just wanted to say thank you again for the great Auto Body video set and of course for being there virtually 24/7 to answer all the dumb questions I can come up with. I am having so much fun!

Seriously though, I finally watched the whole series. I originally had skipped the first video figuring I knew all that stuff already- WRONG! It was very informational as to how to do basic bodywork, sanding, filler etc, what types of tools were needed and how many dollars I should be spending on tools instead of gasoline- and even basic things like choosing and setting up a compressor.

My first project is still in the process of being worked on- the Black 1994 F 250 I already sent you photos of. I cleaned off the entire frame (minimal tools ie, wirebrush, steel wool and power washer) with the still bed on of course- hey let's not carried away now! I used duplicolor rust fix and I'm ready to spray an undercoat with my supply of rattle cans- (although someone suggested chassis paint?). After that I need to have a leaky side mount fuel tank replaced and possibly a new exhaust system- I found some rust holes in the tailpipe section although the muffler is still quiet. I will send you some more photos as I progress- if it ever stops raining inNew England! Then I have some minimal rust spots and nicks to clean up and touch up the paint on our 2001 Impala and 2002 Grand Cherokee.

Anyway the videos are superbly done, the humor is not over done and well appreciated, everything is explained in great detail and then I could actually watch you perform the task so I almost can't nake a mistake. This truck was in nice shape as you know with only 33,000 niles other than the rusty chassis- my next project will hopefully be a little more involved but that will have to wait until Jr finishes college in a year or so. It's so expensive to go to school these days! But I can't wait! If you need a good publicist let me know. I could talk about these videos all day long!

Thanks again,

Greg Pospiel
Metronome Magazine
PS check out my kids safety site at

To: my video buddy: Howard

Just wanted to drop you a line to say how grateful I am that you had the moxie to create these videos for us backyard body/fender men.

I've been doing minor repairs on my many cars over 30 years. I even painted a VW bug in its entirety once in my garage. I've replaced rust spots on my Mercedes by cutting out and riveting a small square of sheet metal and finished w\ bondo. (The panel looked like new. )

Anyway, your videos, I have all 3, gave me an update on current techniques. I liked your comment on dry sanding. I've been into wet sanding, and now I see how much easier it is to monitor one's progress with dry. I feel that one of the true arts of a good body man is how to make a large dent disappear. This is done w/ the "blocking process". My repair jobs always show ripples, and uneven crowns, etc. even after hours of attempts. When you think about it, there is only one right contour, and all the rest would be wrong. Very difficult to find it. You could do another video specifically dealing w/ this technique.

I also liked the sections on painting. This is the critical step. What motivated me was a common problem: the clear coat was blistering from too much sun. My roof & hood looked really bad. Sorry, for the really good weather here in California.

Then when I attempted a base/ clear repair job, I had great trouble w/ the clear. The color went on well, just like the old laquer days, but the clear was a nightmare. Orange peel, and many other troubles. When I complained on a chat room, I was advised that I was using a siphon gun, so now I've bought an HVLP.

Even though your video stopped short of metallic paints, I got the idea. For my solution, I have decided to step backwards and go w/ acrylic enamel, single stage. I feel that the clear coat process is too demanding for someone who is stuck painting on the driveway. My garage has been retrofitted into my office.

Let me again thank you for your good work.

Joseph L. Scott, CPA


I received the videos and shirt. I found them to be a great investment and appreciated the humor you threw in there. I cant wait to get back home and start working on my chevelle and truck and bike, hell the list goes on . . . . . .

Thanks again
Rick Weatherly


About 3 years ago you sent me 3 dvds. You were kind enough to replace a bad one. You also called me about the replacement of the bad one. I looked at the dvds about a dozen times. I purchased the equipment you recommend. Now about 3 years later I am finished. The car is a 1970 Boss Mustang. You were a lot of help, I could not have done it without your help. If you would send me an address I will send you a bunch of pictures.The car is 5 coats of Grabber Orange.

Jack M Blakemore
Avon, Ohio

Hello and Merry Christmas Howard!

I had a week off work, a couple of warmish days, and finally got my 2k Primer on and have begun blocking out my Charger.

The night before I "studied" hard (watched the second disk of your advanced auto body set) and went to work the next day. I am really happy with the results so far. My buddies are amazed. Somehow getting the primer on has made believers out of several of them. Now they say things like "hey you really are going to get this back together aren't you", or "Your Charger will be the talk of Mariposa when you're done, -great job!"

Just a note of encoutagement, and a thank you for helping me have the confidence to dare to do it myself, and some great instruction on how to do it correctly.

Here's a link...

Thanks again Howard!


Hello Howard,

I just wanted to say that after purchasing and viewing all three of your videos I find them to be the best videos I have ever seen on the subject of Autobody work. I especially enjoyed your "down home approach" to presenting these videos as this format makes it easy for a beginner to understand as well as the professional. You are to be commended for being a visionary by recognizing the need for training material such as this and then producing it so that I and many more like me can learn the trade of auto body work.

Your Friend,

Paul Maples
Searcy, Arkansas

Hi Howard,

couple month ago I bought your 3 DVD set.I did watch them yesterday(have issues with my right leg,have to stay at home-cant do anything else).I really like the down to earth video.Great tips good explained.Now I cant wait no longer to get started on my latest project,a 1967 Olds 442. Condition 5 , but a little life left in it.It was a swiss build car,optioned out-even front disk brakes,tic-toc tach and all.bad side is it stood outside a couple years. But I will get her on the road again.Thank you for hours of good time. Check attached pics.


Arno Meckling
Niederkleen, Germany

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